Top Glass headstones Secrets

Glasstone is a theory for modern glass headstones, sculptural memorials and chairs. Glasstone was set back in 2010, by artist Mag. art. Ernest Vitin and are proud to be the very first in the world to produce headstones in glass!

The vision of Glasstone would be to bring lightness into the tradition of commemorating the loved ones of one. They fulfil this vision by producing memorials glass headstones and benches. The glass carries an aesthetic, gentle lustre when we want it 20, reminding us of hope and love. Glasstone considers that the transparency and raise and lightness of glass might assist our spirit even in hard times.

Ready-made"Classic" collection of glass headstones include a choice of layouts in throw or layered glass methods. Glass headstones' designs are made-to-order at a brief period, beginning up to five months, based upon season and the specifications.

Durability is Glasstone's most valued feature. They have developed a method of treatment through which they achieve high durability of glass headstones under different climate conditions. Glasstone memorials can withstand Mediterranean summers, in addition to Nordic winters. At the same time, Glasstone brings out the most beautiful characteristics of glass, emphasizing it is effulgence purity and permanency.

Ultimately, Glasstone memorials are extremely modest when it comes to maintenance. Qualities such as non-porousness and density, together with our method of treatment, of glass, stop dirt from settling and moss development. will create a Granite headstones beautiful memorial to honor your beloved with. They offer transparency and global shipment throughout the procedure.

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